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Walsh Mushrooms Celebrate the Month of Mushrooms

Walsh Mushrooms are delighted to help celebrate this month of October as

As major funders of both the industry body, The Mushroom Bureau and its marketing campaign, Walsh Mushrooms make every effort to raise awareness not only of the taste benefits of mushrooms but also the significant health benefits. Did you know that each 80g serving counts as one of your 5-a-day and that mushrooms are a wonderful source of B vitamins and minerals? As if thats not enough, mushrooms are also low in energy, fat and salt but high in water and fibre. 

\'\'Although mushrooms are available and tasty all year round these products are best suited to popular autumnal dishes such as casseroles, stews and pies of which the nation will be thinking of mastering such culinary delights and we prepare for the winter\'\' writes Lisa Kjellsson, Produce Journal, Sep 28th.

To celebrate the Month of Mushrooms, hundreds of recipes can be found on along with a free downloadable recipe booklet.