Our Business / About Us

Walsh Mushrooms Group is one of the largest suppliers of fresh mushrooms and substrate in Ireland and the UK. We are a vertically integrated food business, each week supplying over 500 tonnes of fresh mushrooms to the UK market place, growing over 150 tonnes of fresh mushrooms in Ireland and the UK and producing close to 2,000 tonnes of substrate for Ireland and the UK market.

Our Head Office is located in Gorey Co Wexford where we have manufactured our substrate for nearly 40 years, we have growing and packing operations in Golden Co Tipperary, in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and in Evesham, Worcestershire.

We employ close to 400 people across the 4 sites and the group has grown rapidly over the last 5 years.

Athlone Packhouse

1991: Pat Walsh (left) our founder at our Wexford operation

Athlone Packhouse

1991: Mushrooms harvesting

Athlone Packhouse

1994: Collection of fresh mushrooms

Athlone Packhouse

1999: Athlone packhouse

Athlone Packhouse

2001: Compost Facility Wexford

Athlone Packhouse

2002: Evesham packhouse

Athlone Packhouse

Walsh Mushrooms Truck 2014

Athlone Packhouse

Walsh New Building 2015

Athlone Packhouse

Evesham Packhouse 2016

Athlone Packhouse

Golden Mushrooms 2017

A Brief History of Walsh Mushrooms Group

Walsh Mushroom Founded

Pat Walsh founded the company and started producing substrate for a small group of growers.



Walsh Mushrooms started supplying fresh mushrooms to the British market.



Walsh Mushrooms started supplying our first British retail customer


Packing in the West of Ireland

Walsh Mushrooms acquired a packing operation and growing group in the West of Ireland.


Packing in the Irish Midlands

Walsh Mushrooms acquired another packing operation and growing group in the Irish Midlands.



Walsh opened the first phase 3 substrate facility in Ireland.


Packhouse in Athlone Ireland

Walsh Mushrooms opened a state of the art packhouse in Athlone Ireland, serving a group of growers in the west and midlands of Ireland.


Packhouse in Tandragee Ireland

Opened a packhouse in Tandragee Ireland to service a growing group in Northern Ireland.


Packhouse in Vale Park Evesham

Opened a new packing and distribution facility in Vale Park Evesham.


British Growing

Opened its first British mushroom growing facility in Bury St Edmunds producing 50,000kgs of mushrooms per week.


Evesham Packhouse Success

Evesham packhouse becomes main central packing operation.



Substrate facility begins an ambitious investment project to expand the facility by 30% and to make the facility the most environmentally friendly substrate facility in Ireland and the UK


Suffolk Gold Status

Suffolk farm awarded Gold status by the Suffolk County Council Carbon Charter project for its commitment to sustainability and the environment.


Suffolk Farm Expansion

Suffolk Farm growing facility expanded to 80,000kgs per week to meet the growing demand for British produce.


Evesham Expansion

Evesham packhouse expanded by an additional 15,000 sq ft to increase the facility by a third. Solar panels also added to the entire roof of the 45,000 sq ft facility to provide 20% of the sites power from the sun.


Golden Mushrooms Tipperary

Acquired Golden Mushrooms in Tipperary producing over 60,000kgs of fresh mushrooms weekly.


Walsh Mushrooms Evesham Award

Walsh Mushrooms Evesham wins the coveted “Intelligent Green Award” presented by Wychavon Council.


Golden Mushrooms Tipperary

Farm Expansion adding further 38,000 kgs & 6 growing rooms.


Golden Mushrooms Tipperary

Farm expansion adding another 30,000 kgs per week & a further 6 growing rooms.


Golden Mushrooms Tipperary

Further farm expansion adding an additional 30,000 kgs per week plus 6 more growing rooms.


Evesham Packhouse

Installation of new A2L Cooling System.


Evesham Packhouse

Installation of new flow wrap packing lines.


Golden Mushrooms Tipperary

Installation of solar panels to enable farm to harvest 20% of its energy from the sun.


Gorey Substrate facility

Installation of solar panels.