Custom Compost

Production is currently 1,800 tonnes per week of exclusively-bulk phase 3 substrate delivered to our mushroom growers/customer base. A fleet of 12 new bulk walking-floor trailers was procured from 1999 through 2012 at a cost of approximately €1 million to allow us to achieve this.

The facility was licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Registration No. W0-123-01 from October 2005 until August 2011. Due to changes in the European Waste Framework Directive, current regulation is under the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) and the appropriate Local Authority is Wexford County Council. We are also product compliant under the Bord Bia Mushroom Substrate Standard.

Phase 3

Our phase 3 tunnel facilities are similar to phase 2 - state of the art, purpose built and computer controlled. Spawn growth, or ''spawn running'', is managed at optimum environmental conditions for a duration of 16-19 days.

This means a process duration of approximately 6 weeks from initial mixing of raw materials in phase 1 to finished phase 3 mushroom substrate.

Product List


Unit Size

Supplement Included


Phase 3


20-25 Tonnes


All of Ireland


Full substrate analysis is issued post delivery.

Prices vary according to load size and distance and can be quoted on request.

We operate our own fleet of modern trucks, complemented by local contract hauliers. All deliveries are operated by fully enclosed automated bulk delivery systems. Substrate can be delivered to any location in Ireland.

Technical Back Up and Sales

Our Technical Team is available at all times to give full back up and any support that may be required. Not only advising on the substrate but also on the full range of disciplines that are required from growing, picking and hygiene to managing the crop to its full profit potential.

Please contact our Custom Compost office for more details.