Walsh Mushrooms CSR

Walsh Mushrooms undertakes business in an ethical way.

With customers, suppliers and employees through:

  • Following Good and Lawful Labour Practice
  • Using the 9 point Ethical Trading Code
  • Regular Auditing (Sedex)
  • An open, respectful and honest relationship with all partners
  • Providing support and training to employees
  • Stronger Together Partnership to tackle hidden labour exploitation

Supplying Quality Mushrooms sustainably by:

  • Reducing the impact on the Environment and our carbon footprint
  • Reducing and Recycling Waste
  • Supporting local communities and projects

Packaging Policy

Always aware of the effect of our products on the world we live in, we are dedicated to continuously moving towards more environmentally - friendly packaging, working closely with major manufacturers of containers, films and labels.

At Walsh Mushrooms we strive to give something back. We never lose sight of the impact on our environment and do our very best to be as environmentally efficient as possible. We take the low waste option.

We are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to improve, including:

  • Our Pack Houses
  • BRC accreditation
  • State of the Art packaging and labelling equipment

Supporting Our Communities

  • Suffolk and Evesham have done extensive work to support their local community.
  • Supporting local Food and Drink festivals
  • Supporting local Football, Cricket and Rugby Clubs
  • Supporting the Kids Country Food and Farming Day since 2013
  • Donations to the local MacMillan Unit and Caring Hands in the Vale
  • Support of Evesham United Growers Annual Football Day
  • Sponsorship of Vale of Evesham School Play Area