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Suffolk Mushrooms UK were delighted to sponsor the kids pizza wheel at the East of England Show in 2012. Despite the weather conditions there were smiles all round as 1,500 children from local schools rolled their sleeves up and created their own perfect pizzas over the three days of the show. (photos here)

The East of England Schools Coordinator and organiser of the event, Sandra Lauridsen had the following words to say.....

\'\'I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You personally for sponsoring the Kid’s Kitchen with fresh mushrooms........ It was lovely meeting you and would like the opportunity to discuss next years project\'\'.

\'\'The Kid’s kitchen experience gives the children both knowledge about the provenance of the produce from ‘farm to fork ’but also self-confidence and belief in themselves, and we hope inspires them not only to grow their own produce but try their hand at cooking at home and in school\'\'.