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Shiitake And Tiger Prawn Soup

Shiitake And Tiger Prawn Soup

Serves 4


600ml chicken stock

200ml half fat coconut milk

5 g dried shiitake mushrooms, crumbled

15ml fish sauce

1 red chilli deseeded and sliced

3 dried kaffir lime leaves, crumbled

1 stalk lemon grass, finely sliced

1cm piece root ginger, peeled and shredded

100g button mushrooms

75g brown cap mushrooms, quartered

50g shiitake mushrooms, sliced

200g tiger prawns, add for 4-6 minutes at the end

3 tbsp fresh chopped coriander

juice of half a lime


1. Place the first 8 ingredients together in a large pan and bring to the boil. 

2. Add the fresh mushrooms and simmer for 5 mins. 

3. Add the prawns and simmer for a further 3 mins. 

4. Stir in the coriander and lime and serve in bowls