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Mushrooming Mushrooms

Mushrooming mushrooms!

Mushroom sales have hit an all-time high after stars hailed them the diet superfood, according to recent articles in the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mirror.

Pop diva Katy Perry has declared her love for mushrooms saying \'\'I love mushrooms. I could eat a ton!\'\'  as has ex-Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett, who played Jo Sugden in the popular TV series. She dropped two dress sizes after munching on the recently declared superfood, according to a recent article in the Daily Mirror.

Dr. Christian Jessen, a nutritional expert and presenter of channel 4\'s Embarrassing Bodies said \'\'mushrooms are an excellent source of B vitamins which are needed for a healthy diet\'\'. 

Shoppers spent more than £365million on mushrooms making them the nations third most popular item - by share of overall spend - in supermarket aisles after potatoes and tomatoes!

More money is spent on mushrooms now than on carrots, onions, broccoli or peppers according to the consumer research company Kantar Worldpanel. Researchers said that shoppers were turning to mushrooms as they add depth and flavour to dishes and they have health benefits. 

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