Unsolicited CV Policy

Using Email to Communicate

Any information you send to Walsh Mushrooms Group via email is sent via an unsecured email link.  Due to the nature of the Internet, there is a possibility that unsecured (unencrypted) email could be intercepted and read by third parties.  Walsh Mushrooms Group assumes no responsibility for interception of confidential information (including in a CV) that you send in an unsecured (unencrypted) email message.

Right to Hire

Any employment agency, person or entity that submits an unsolicited Curriculum Vitae (CV) to Walsh Mushrooms Group does so with the understanding that Walsh Mushrooms Group will have the right to hire that applicant at its discretion without any fee owed to the submitting employment agency, person or entity.

Application for an Unsolicited Job

If you are interested in applying for an unsolicited job within Walsh Mushrooms Group you may provide us with your CV.  We will then match your qualifications and experience to the position you applied for, or any other current job opportunity.  If your profile corresponds to our requirements, we will contact you.

Solicited or Unsolicited Job Applications

Walsh Mushrooms Group collects and processes name and contact details and other personal data which you have provided in your CV and job application.

Any emails sent between Walsh Mushrooms Group and the person sending unsolicited CV’s solely for business communication purposes will not be personal data.

Deletion and Rectification of your Personal Data

Personal data processed because of unsolicited job applications, where the job applicant is not offered a job, will be deleted 1 week after the rejection of application has been sent to the job applicant, unless the job applicant accepts the storage for a longer period.  In such case, the application will be stored for the period agreed with the applicant and for which consent is obtained.

Sensitive Personal Data

Walsh Mushrooms Group endeavors not to collect “sensitive personal data” via CV’s.  By “sensitive personal data” is meant personal data relating to race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of trade unions, or health or sexual orientation.  If you make unsolicited sensitive personal data available to us (for example, by including this on a C.V.), you are required to provide explicit consent for Walsh Mushrooms Group to process this data.